Dj Phase Lights Results Really Worth Considering

With the coming of the digital age, and the ability to bring your camera anywhere, most aspiring photographers have begun capturing exciting photographs from everywhere they go. One of the more difficult forms of photography is that of shooting indoors at clubs and concerts. Why is this difficult? The lighting in most concert venues have excellent lighting giving a nice ambiance that aids in the over all experience of the music life. But, it is disastrous for photographers.

Stay with using the cameras built in audio mic. You do not need to make the audio set up more complicated at this stage by adding an a external mic or plugging into the venues sound system. I can't stress it enough stick with the camera's built in mic for all your audio needs related to the show including behind the scenes interviews. People say whenever you can use an external mic and avoid the built in camera mic. For your situation of shooting a promotional video for next to nothing you'll be fine with the in camera mic.

Dealing with stage light. I've never met dj light that I liked as a camera operator. In fact you will hate it. Mostly because you're the only one that will be concerned with the lighting. Everyone else in the place will give two shakes about your lighting issues.

2) Hoist your girl friend on your shoulders: Here's a real rock concert standard -- if you are attending a rock concert with your girl friend, make sure that at some point in the night you hoist your girl up on your shoulders. It doesn't matter that the 20 people standing directly behind you can no longer dj light see the show, but at least they have a nice view of your girl friend's behind, and they won't mind because they will understand that you are just "living the dream" and they will love you for it. It is also most awesome if -- while hoisted on your shoulders -- your girl friend follows rule #3...

Start by turning off the red light on the camera when you hit record. Cover it with tape if you need to. I have found at live shows the light is distracting to those around you. Earlier I talked about getting a light for the camera. The same thing applies here. If you do not need to turn on the light don't.

Flood Lights Of course the last, however, not least, would be the flood light. This has no adjustable controls and produces a very wide spread of light. It's usually just employed to illuminate background objects.

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